39th Int. Conf. on Infrared, Millimeter, and THz Waves
September 14-19, 2014
The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
M2/A - 1. Imagers and Imaging Techniques I
Monday, September 15, 2014 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Room: Union Kiva Room (2nd floor)
Chairperson: Dan Mittleman
11:00 am 11:00 am : The "KIDcam" Passive THz Imager - Recent Developments
Presenter: Ken Wood

KIDcam is an on-going collaborative research project between QMC Instruments Ltd. and its academic partners at Cardiff University. It aims to apply to a wide range of terrestrial applications the high sensitivity of Kinetic Inductance Detector technology that was originally developed for astronomy. The instrument is liquid cryogen-free, it runs automatically, and it can be controlled remotely. The instrument has recently been upgraded to observe at 345 GHz, and many aspects of its performance have been improved. We now achieve photon noise limited sensitivity. The project aims to achieve video rate multi-spectral imaging with background limited sensitivity as a contribution to ensuring that THz techniques can be used in reasonable deployable formats in the civil theatre.

Ken Wood - QMC Instruments Ltd.
Aurelien Bideaud - Cardiff University
Sam Rowe - Cardiff University
Andreas Papageorgiou - Cardiff University
Enzo Pascale - Cardiff University
Simon Doyle - Cardiff University
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11:30 am 11:30 am : Microbolometer Terahertz Focal Plane Array And Camera With Improved Sensitivity At 0.5-0.6 THz
Presenter: Naoki Oda

Sensitivity of microbolometer Terahertz (THz) focal plane array (FPA) is improved by one order of magnitude at 0.5- 0.6 THz, comparing with the previous THz-FPA. This is achieved by modifying an optical cavity structure in a pixel, such that the optical cavity length is extended by a factor of 4-5 than that of the previous structure. Minimum detectable powers (MDPs) per pixel are measured at 4.3, 2.5, 0.6 and 0.5 THz for the THz-FPAs (640x480, 320x240) with the modified structure and those (320x240) with the previous structure.

Naoki Oda - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Seiji Kurashina - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Masaru Miyoshi - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Kohei Doi - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Tsutomu Ishi - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Takayuki Sudou - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Takao Morimoto - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Hideki Goto - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
Tokuhito Sasaki - NEC Guidance and Electro-Optics Division
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11:45 am 11:45 am : Terahertz Imaging Using A Monolithic Metamaterial Based Detector
Presenter: Ivonne Escorcia Carranza

A terahertz detector composed of a metamaterial absorber and micro-bolometer sensor integrated in a standard CMOS process is presented. The prototype demonstrates an innovative, uncooled, low cost, compact terahertz detector that is readily scaleable to high resolution focal plane array formats. The detector imaging capability is demonstrated in a transmission mode experiment.

Ivonne Escorcia Carranza - University of Glasgow
James Grant - University of Glasgow
David R.S. Cumming - University of Glasgow
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12:00 pm 12:00 pm : Antenna-coupled Microbolometer-based THz Detectors For Room Temperature Beam Profile Imaging Of The Photoconductive THz Pulse Emitters
Presenter: Irmantas Kasalynas

Properties of antenna-coupled microbolometers optimized for room temperature 300 GHz and 600 GHz resonant frequency detection is reported. Dipole antenna placed on free-standing SiN membrane is used to couple THz radiation power to the titanium-based thermo-resistor. We demonstrate that antenna-coupled micro-bolometers can be well suited for beam profile imaging of the THz pulses emitted by the photoconductive antenna switch.

Irmantas Kasalynas - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Rimvydas Venckevicius - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Ramunas Adomavicius - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Gintaras Valusis - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Arunas Krotkus - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Andrej Svigelj - University of Ljubljana
Aleksander Sesek - University of Ljubljana
Marius Vinciunas - Luvitera Ltd.
Janez Trontelj - University of Ljubljana
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12:15 pm 12:15 pm : Resolution Limits Of Terahertz Holography Using A QCL
Presenter: Peter Zolliker

Resolution limits of Terahertz holography are studied using a non-monochromatic THz Quantum Cascade Laser and a micro-bolometer array detector in a beam-splitter free holographic set-up. We discuss the dependence of object reconstruction quality on object distance, detector array, spectral spread, and phase map retrieval using the Fourier transform carrier fringe method. The resolution obtained from simulations and experimental data is compared to theoretical considerations.

Peter Zolliker - Empa
Erwin Hack - Empa
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