39th Int. Conf. on Infrared, Millimeter, and THz Waves
September 14-19, 2014
The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
M3/A - 1. Imagers and Imaging Techniques II
Monday, September 15, 2014 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Room: Union Kiva Room (2nd floor)
Chairperson: Margaret Kim
2:00 pm 2:00 pm : Imaging With A Multichannel Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopysystem At 1030 Nm Excitation Wavelength
Presenter: Anika Brahm

We present Terahertz imaging with a 1D multichannel time-domain spectroscopy system (TDS) which operates with a photoconductive array of 15 detection channels excited by a 1030 nm femtosecond fiber laser. The emitter and detector are photoconductive antennas based on InGaAs/InAlAs multi-layer heterostructures (MLHS). The simultaneous measurement of 15 THz pulses with a pixel pitch of 1 mm increases the measurement speed by factor 15.

Anika Brahm - Fraunhofer Institute IOF
Annika Wilms - Fraunhofer Institute IOF
Roman Dietz - Fraunhofer Institute HHI
Thorsten Gˆbel - Fraunhofer Institute HHI
Martin Schell - Fraunhofer Institute HHI
Gunther Notni - Fraunhofer Institute IOF
Andreas T¸nnermann - Fraunhofer Institute IOF
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2:30 pm 2:30 pm : Hollow Metallic Waveguides For Beam Shaping THz QCL
Presenter: Riccardo Degli Innocenti

We have realized a compact beam-shaping and collimating element for a double metal terahertz (THz) quantum cascade laser (QCL) emitting around 2.9 THz using directly integrated hollow metallic waveguides. Our approach allowed us to efficiently improve the beam profile with respect to the standard emission pattern observed out of a double metal QCL. The Gaussian-like mode profile emerging from the metallic waveguides also exhibited a remarkable degree of collimation. The other laser characteristics such as the total output power and maximal operational temperature were marginally affected.

Riccardo Degli Innocenti - University of Cambridge
Yash Shah - University of Cambridge
David Jessop - University of Cambridge
Yuan Ren - University of Cambridge
Robert Wallis - University of Cambridge
Oleg Mitrofanov - University College London
Harvey Beere - University of Cambridge
David Ritchie - University of Cambridge
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2:45 pm 2:45 pm : W-band Imager Without Mechanical Scanning Based On An Echelle Spectrometer
Presenter: Daniel Marks

We describe a two-dimensional imager in W-band using a single heterodyne transceiver and no mechanical scanning. By using an echelle grating spectrometer, frequencies are mapped onto a 2-D surface in space, so that spectral analysis of the signals provides a two-dimensional image

Daniel Marks - Duke University
Orges Furxhi - Duke University
David Brady - Duke University
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3:00 pm 3:00 pm : THz Imaging With Broadband Thermal Sources
Presenter: Yi Pan

We developed a THz imaging system based on a broadband thermal source (at 500 C) and an asymmetric semiconductor nanochannel, the self-switching nanodiode (SSD), as a room-temperature detector. The maximum resolution was better than 0.5 mm full width at half maximum. The radiation was coupled to the SSD through a microantenna, whose geometry determined the frequency bandwidth of the system. While not as accurate as coherent imaging, the compactness, low-cost, and flexibility make this system attractive for a large range of applications in medical imaging and industrial quality control.

Claudio Balocco - Durham University
Yi Pan - Durham University
Yasaman Alimi - University of Manchester
Linqing Zhang - University of Manchester
Aimin Song - University of Manchester
Shahrir Kasjoo - Universiti Malaysia Perlis
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3:15 pm 3:15 pm : A 0.1 Megapixel THz Camera With 17 Degree Field Of View for Large Area Single Shot Imaging
Presenter: Linda Marchese

Large area THz video-rate imaging is demonstrated using a 0.1 Megapixel THz camera having a 17 degree Field of View and 50 Hz frame rate. Active THz see-through imaging has been performed where the THz laser beam has been expanded using a series of custom lenses. Owing to the quality of the beam expansion set-up and good sensitivity of the IRXCAM-THz-384 camera, high quality, large area THz images are possible, opening the door to fast screening applications in fields such a Defense & Security and Manufacturing.

Linda Marchese - INO
Marc Terroux - INO
Martin Bolduc - INO
Mario Cantin - INO
Olivier Martin - INO
Nichola Desnoyers - INO
Alain Bergeron - INO
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